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Going Red for Summer? 6 Tips to Keep Your Color Vibrant All Season Long!

It’s going to be a red hot summer…for hair color, that is!  There’s nothing like a spicy red hue to heat things up for the season.  But, it’s no secret that red hair color is the hardest to maintain.  I’ll spare you a full chemistry lesson, but just know that since the dye molecules in red hair color are pretty large, they are unable to penetrate the hair shaft as deep as other hues.  Thus, the color fades after just a few weeks.  But there’s hope.  With a bit of TLC, you can prevent color from fading too quickly and keep your locks looking just as vibrant as day one!

  1.  Don’t shampoo for a few days after the color has been applied.  You want to make sure the large color molecules have time to “set” so avoid cleansing for a few days after coloring.
  2.  When you do shampoo and condition, use products specifically for color treated hair.  Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are best as they don’t contain harsh detergents that  can not only strip moisture from your strands, but the pigment as well.  Avoid using very hot water.  Heat=open cuticle=color escaping.  I like to rinse with cold water to smooth the cuticle down.  You can also use red pigmented shampoos and conditioners, but be careful with these.  Because small amounts of temporary color is deposited with use,  these types of products may change the tone of your color.
  3. Try a clear color glaze after and in between color services.  The glaze adds an extra level of protection against fading and gives an amazing shine boost–a necessity for vibrant red hues.
  4. If you can’t make a trip to the salon for a refreshing,  try a semi-permanent version of your permanent hair color like Dark&Lovely Reviving Colors.  As the color starts to fade, a semi-permanent color is perfect for brightening dull strands.  These can safely be applied at home, as the color is deposit only (no ammonia or peroxide needed).  Keep in mind that semi-permanent color usually rinses out after 8-10 shampoos.
  5.  Use styling products with UV protection.  Direct sun rays will fade color fast, so delay the process by protecting your strands from harsh UV rays if you know you will have prolonged exposure to the sun.  And if you’re spending a day at the pool, be sure to cleanse your hair thoroughly to remove harsh chlorine, and follow up with a deep conditioning treatment like ORS Hair Mayonnaise or JESSICURL Deep Conditioning Treatment.
  6. If you must blow dry or flat iron, ALWAYS use a heat protectant.  Remember, any time heat is applied to hair, the cuticle opens up allowing dye to fade.  Even without color, you never want to apply heat to your hair without protection to prevent dryness and breakage.  You can try Fantasia Hair Polisher Heat Protector Styling Cream.

What are your tips for keeping your colored tresses fierce and fabulous?



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Karisa Hill
Karisa Hill is a healthy hair enthusiast, licensed cosmetologist, and business coordinator for Beautable. As the founder of KLH Botanicals, she enjoys being a wife and MOMpreneur and strives to teach her two adorable mini-naturalistas to love the skin their in.

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