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Are Your Protective Styles Doing More Harm Than Good?

By now most of us know how important protective styling can be to our hair growth journey.  Using wigs, braids, sew-ins and buns are all styles that allow us to give our hair a rest from constant manipulation while protecting those delicate ends--the oldest part of the hair strand.  The

Easy Finger Coils Using Dark and Lovely® Au Naturale

I love a good roller set, but finger coils are super fun!  Watch as celebrity natural hair stylist Nedjetti demonstrates how to finger coil natural hair using Dark and Lovely® Au Naturale products! Premiere Online Store Offering Full Shopping Experience For People of Color Makes Its Debut -- a diverse and unique online retail store that appeals to the exquisite tastes of people of color recently made its debut. An eye-catching, magnetic, and easy-to-navigate site, offers a comprehensive one-stop shopping experience with an eclectic mix of products. These include beauty products, tools, inspirational materials and

There’s Hope: How I Conquered Postpartum Hair Loss

I'll admit I was in denial.  I was fairly healthy.  I didn't wear too-tight hair styles.  I slept in a satin bonnet (well, most nights).  So, why was my hair STILL shedding and breaking around my edges?! It turns out the culprit was none other than the dreaded postpartum shedding

6 Tips to Fight Dry Hair This Winter

Winter is in full swing, and if you live in the midwest like me, you know it can be seriously brutal!  The dry air can  wreak havoc on already fragile curly/kinky/coily textured hair.  But, there is hope for parched winter locks.  Here's how I modify my routine to maximize moisture