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So you think you wanna Detox?

At the top of my list of resolutions is to make 2016 my healthiest year yet! I’ve decided to jumpstart this effort by doing JJ Smith’s 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse .


I will begin the Cleanse on Monday January 4, 2016.  Feel free to join us !! The book is available on the Beautable website.

Why not January 1st??

Ummm…..wellll….. I’m just not prepared!!!!

Make no mistake; you MUST properly prepare yourself to do any type of detox/cleanse/exercise, etc.  I’ve done every cleanse from the dreaded master cleanse (aka lemonade diet), to the Daniel Fast, to JJ Smith’s 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. I’ve led friends, family, and co-workers through cleanses as well, so I’d like to share what has worked for us.

I know, I know…. I’m supposed to say “Discuss this with your doctor prior to starting a cleanse and make sure you are doing this for the right reasons…blah…blah…blah.”

Here’s the real deal Holyfield.  Take these steps and you will have a good shot at completing a cleanse.

  1. Know why you want to Detox. Be real about this.  Some of us genuinely want to feel better, clear up our skin, adjust our moods, sleep better, and/or turn over a new leaf. The other 92.3% want to lose weight fast. (I made up that figure)
  2. READ ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS!!!- If there is a book….read it. Read ALL of it.  Everyone wants to skip straight to the recipes and not understand what they are supposed to do and why they are doing it.  You don’t want to consume things that will ruin your efforts. Also, there are steps like water consumption, digestion aids, etc. that aid in the detox process that you do NOT want to omit.
  3. Be prepared for the side effects of detox!!!- There are many side effects that can be uncomfortable, but if you are prepared for them you will be less likely to quit.  My major side effect is a Mood that swings so high and sooooooooo low due to my sugar intake.  Some get headaches from lack of caffeine and others just feel crummy in general. The benefits FAR outweigh a few slightly uncomfortable days.
  4. Recruit a Buddy- A cleanse can be a huge change in your behaviors, so why not go through it with someone.  My easiest experiences have been when my friends, co-workers, and/or family are doing the cleanse with me.  When everyone is c-o-m-m-i-t-t-e-d to completing a cleanse together, the time goes much faster and you get to discuss things that you’d NEVER discuss with them previously. (insert potty humor) Can’t find anyone as adventurous as you?  Find a Forum or Facebook support group for your particular cleanse and join it.
  5. Shop in advance- Have all of your shopping done by the start of the Cleanse. The biggest threat to a cleanse is to have a HANGRY (hungry+angry) moment, and not have a healthy snack or smoothie ingredients to quench it.
  6. Take Pics- I take pics EVERY. DAY. of a cleanse.  Sometimes it’s difficult to look in the mirror and see the changes on your own.  Before and after Pictures will not disappoint!
  7. Keep a Journal- Write in a journal, type a blog, do a daily video, or post on social media if you are comfortable.  When you complete your goal, you’ll have so much fun looking back on the ups and downs that you will experience.

BONUS!! Enjoy your Favorite Foods! Every book and EVERY website will disagree with this advice, but it works for ME!!  The week leading up to a cleanse, I make sure to eat the foods that I crave (in moderation).  I find that I am far less tempted going in to a detox if I’ve had the things I love to eat already.  Also, the foods you think you love will not taste the same after a detox! You may not even crave those things again!!!

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