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New Year’s Resolutions Do Not Work for Me….


I have found that New Year’s resolutions do not work for me.  The promise of the future is God’s, not mine.  The future is not promised to me.  This moment is.  What I do in this moment will have an effect on everything that follows.  Wherever I’m supposed to be, whatever I’m supposed to achieve, or the difference I’m supposed to make – it all starts now.  It is a given that I can achieve anything I want to.  The important thing is to be as present as possible, doing everything I can do, within this moment.  This is what will have an impact on the future.

I’ve learned over the years to recognize that everything happens in the present moment.  I was always someone who was goal oriented.  I used to have New Year’s resolutions.  What I found was that, whatever I thought of, I achieved within a month or two, maybe three.  Whatever I said I could do, I would do.  However, what was out there for me was much bigger than I could conceive.

Myopic goals and resolutions actually worked against me.  I found them highly limiting.  With such goals it is difficult to conceive what the true potential happens to be.  The focus therefore has to be on filling the present space, hearing everything, being a part of everything. By being a part of the here and now, by acknowledging the importance of the present moment, you will take actions that will positively impact your life.

This approach to life has contributed to my success as a businessman and entrepreneur.  It is a perspective which is relevant to sustained success.  In the business world everything happens to be finite.  In this environment, strategic planning, one of my strengths, is important.  However, the secret to success is action in the present moment, not focus only on the final resolution.

My life is much bigger than goals.  It is much bigger than my personal objectives.  It is largely predetermined.  I can assure you that we’re part of something much larger, something that we can’t even conceive, so whatever goals and plans we have are minute and limited in the face of our true potential in the whole scheme of things.  The journey of life is much larger than basic objectives.  The drawback of focusing solely on objectives is that you run the danger of not being part of the whole, of not being complete.  You don’t want to be separated, or detached, from the community of life.  Where resolutions are concerned, once you commit to something, you run the risk of no longer being present. You run the risk of not appreciating the total journey of life because you are so fixated on the future.

The person who is playing a tune on the piano has to be immersed in the music, hitting each and every note.  The end product is not in the last note.  It is in every note that has been played.  Your song – your life – has to be the journey itself.

Ethan Foster
Founder & President of E.G. Foster Group, Inc.

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