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Would You Buy Used Makeup? We Don’t Recommend It!

So, I love a good sale.  I even love to go thrifting every now and then.  You can really find some treasures in thrift shops that don’t hold a candle to today’s offerings.  But I have to say that when it comes to what I put on my body, I don’t skimp.  And I certainly wouldn’t use something as personal as makeup from a complete stranger!  But Glambot, a company that sells “gently used” high-end makeup has carved a niche–and is doing quite well.

After purchasing various eye shadows, mostly of the same shade, Glambot founder and CEO Karen Horiuchi decided that recouping some of the money she spent was better than throwing them away.  Now, Amazon and eBay do not accept used makeup for sale, so she took to Craigslist to unload those extras.  Soon, what was started as a side business blossomed into a full-fledged operation with sales approaching $1 million!  Items you can find on Glambot include “cleaned and sanitized” lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, primers, and brushes for a fraction of the retail price. Get the full scoop from Business Insider here.

Ok.  No shade.  But for me, there is no amount of cleaning and sanitizing that can be done to make me feel comfortable wearing used makeup.  Can we say microbes?  There really is no guarantee that the products are germ-free.  I wouldn’t risk it!  There are plenty of companies, like that offer BRAND NEW, affordable makeup collections, so there really is no need to buy used on this one, folks.

Would you consider buying used makeup?

Karisa Hill
Karisa Hill is a healthy hair enthusiast, licensed cosmetologist, and business coordinator for Beautable. As the founder of KLH Botanicals, she enjoys being a wife and MOMpreneur and strives to teach her two adorable mini-naturalistas to love the skin their in.

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